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Beoordeeld op 31 juli 2013

Dankzij onze telefoonnavigatie hebben een flink stuk van de stad gezien voor we bij het adres van de B&B aankwamen. Eigenlijk is het eenvoudig te vinden en met een beetje geluk kun je in de straat parkeren. De buitenkant van de flat(elf verdiepingen) is onooglijk, binnen is het apart ingericht en rijk gedecoreerd. Het uitzicht vanuit de kamer op de Vallei van de tempels is prachtig. De kamers liggen wel aan een drukke straat.Er had voor onze kamer vermeld moeten worden, dat onze badkamer niet rechtstreeks te bereiken was. Er had in de beschrijving moeten staan: 'Private bathroom outside the room'. Tamelijk ongemakkelijk.
Voor de gasten is een soort balkon beschikbaar met uitzicht op de vallei en de zee. Alfonso is een uitstekende gastheer, die op allerlei manieren probeert het zijn gasten naar de zin te maken. Tips voor restaurants, bijvoorbeeld Opera, zijn waardevol.

Kamertip: Kies de kamer met eigen - direct bereikbare - badkamer.
Datum van verblijf: juni 2013
  • Reistype: Reisde met een partner
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3  Bedank reiswijs
Deze beoordeling is de persoonlijke mening van een TripAdvisor-lid en niet die van TripAdvisor LLC zelf.
elenarizzo52, Direttore van La Casa di El, reageerde op deze beoordelingGereageerd op 8 augustus 2013

I think I am a person objective, which is why I am compelled to respond to this review in my opinion with parameters and score all the wrong. Surely it can not be a private bathroom just outside the room and precisely in three steps, in order to give an opinion in the media, for a structure. There are in fact in a judgment, many voices to vote and that they should be voted wisely .... ...

Other guests who have come to us have shown in their reviews that one room has a private bathroom with three steps from the room, and just outside, but voting with criteria other items have always given the excellence or judgments with very good, also because this room for many is better and more comfortable, as the bathroom in question is larger than the domestic market ... .. provides greater privacy and freedom in being able to use the bathroom, as many feel less uncomfortable in respect of its pair or also being just off ensures that there are no bad smells in the bedroom. Speaking clear .. the bathroom .. need to go to the bathroom ... I guarantee that no one can also see why as you cross these 2 mt to protect also put a screen and thus your privacy is guaranteed, beyond the fact then, that people already from May through October, go to the beach and the sea .. go with costumes and bikinis and nobody was shocked to come out of the bathroom with a towel or with shorts, let alone if you had to use the bathroom at night, who never you can see ... I do not understand the inconvenience since there is only by getting out of bed to open a door has three steps and open another door ... and the same thing as having a bath in the room ...

However for the most demanding ... I can understand that it can be estimated average comfort ... but not everything else. For example, the location of the B & B can not be anything but rated as being excellent.

Our structure is in fact located right in the heart of the city and allows you to move easily on foot the most important ways and be able to easily visit the places of artistic and cultural town's finest.

A few tens of meters you can visit medieval and baroque churches including the Shrine of St. Joseph, the Church of San Domenico which now gets from the Cathedral and also the Collegio dei Filippini (now a museum), and the prestigious Teatro "Luigi Pirandello. "

The Valley of the Temples and the Archaeological Museum are located about 2.5 km.

The area is served (within 50 meters) also of: Restaurant, Bar, Bakery, Catering, Market, excellent services as they give the opportunity to many guests can eat pizza, arancini and typical products or to buy water and drinks , spending a few euro. There are also, Pharmacy, Bank, Post Office, Tobacco, and various shops. In addition, there are also the most important offices of the City, the City of Agrigento and the Chamber of Commerce. And all this in the space of 50 meters ... You can also enjoy, without any problem, the free parking in the same street of the B & B or if you prefer the multilevel car park always at 50 Mt. I note that it is possible to park a car to get to the center, only in my street and the surrounding areas, so the difference with many other B & B in the center is only one, that tourists park their car here and then loads of luggage must go and to look for the B & B, possibly having to do too hilly streets full of steps ... I leave you the considerations and if that can not be voting for the excellent location of the property. As for the other items I think there are: fine and comfortable beds, (if you have problems with the quality of sleep, this is only due to your problems and therefore in these cases it is best to take a sleeping pill ...). I also believe, as confirmed by the hundreds of reviews that even the cleaning is excellent ... also because I pay someone to do this. As well as the value for money .. If only imagine that you pay 40% tax on a reservation and then € 5 per change of linen € 8 for breakfast € 5 guests between what they consume water, electricity, gas boiler, air conditioners access all night and the day etc ... etc ... € 4/5 of detergents for cleaning and then the woman for cleaning, you do the math and you will find that to open a room, we need not less than 45 Euros. And so you will know better judge the quality - price ratio.

If you consider then all extra fees that I do not say not to bore you, the condo monthly and the things that are broken, light bulbs, glasses and general maintenance ... we understand that you work for nothing really ... and often to give hospitality. then .. that is the true formula of the B & B. .. I have wonderful memories of entire families, including grandparents .. that make me feel at ... the joy of the Christmas atmosphere ... or people who do not know each other but do men drink of friendship and Wisky in the living room while their wives make the shirt ... or many appetizers offered to my guests and then they end going all together out to dinner ... etc. .. etc. ... etc. ... but to all those guests who want the moon ... and seek the services of the 5 star hotel ... I recommend and invite them to go to the Hotel. .. Of course we also strive to give the right amount of privacy and the right to relax our guests, not knocking never in the room and not disturbing them ever ... but remember that it is always a B & B.
Normally things are important for a traveler to have a comfortable bed, a clean environment, a rich breakfast and the centrality of place with a parking space for their cars .. The view is already a surplus ... who do not mind because ... is really lovely ... so for as written by my other guests. As for the voice services offered ... know that to have a 3-star classification, the maximum for a B & B, we are subject by law to inspections by government officials and make sure that there are all the conditions and requirements to assign the classification ... So I think that this item should not be rated so much to vote ... of course if you want a Jacuzzi tub ... that's another story ... However unlike many facilities where book, and they give you only the room to sleep and have breakfast, as affirmed by this gentleman, we are providing also the living room and an outdoor gazebo with panoramic views where guests can relax with a book, according to computer or drinking a glass of wine .. I assure you that in an old town under the protection of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, have an outdoor terrace in good standing ... and it becomes precious ... gold .. We also offer other extra services .. and that are not due for example .. always help my guests to find free parking, sometimes even moving my car, help them to carry our luggage, we try to ristorarli offering a coffee or fresh juice, we provide city maps and tips on places to see or where to go for dinner ... etc. .. etc. ... I do not know how else to do it ... but either way it makes with pleasure and when people ask for it with kindness ... and why was ... (all references is purely causuale). As for the voting room, I point out that the rooms, by law must have a size of 14 meters, the room where he was staying this gentleman is about 18 meters then much larger than necessary and is furnished with a double bed and furniture of the 800 decorated with stucco in gold and made by hand. I do not think there is anything else to add. Evaluate you ...
certainly, there are furniture stores.

However, we have different types of rooms, with various sizes and comfort, my advice is, for those traveling with Tripadvisor, whenever you have questions or special needs ... writing and book directly with us, you will have all the explanations about the rooms and possibly a little more favorable prices ... All it takes to send an email ... But to all reviewers and reviewers super ... I say ... Meanwhile, a review of a structure must be written, not by comparing the structure with other .. where you have already been ... and instead trying to understand the context in which you find yourself ... In fact, if you come to us after being in Farmhouses in the heart of nature ... you have to understand that we're in a different context, because it is a city center ... the same applies if you come from a villa by the sea ... or a country house .. . different kinds of lodging are ... those who want the campaign will have more peace of mind but then maybe to go to dinner, the evening will have to take the car ... and get 20 min. by car. Who is already in the center will have everything available within 50 meters ...

Also say .. rather than turning furtive and be surprised taking pictures (without authorization), rather than giving weight to the little things ... such as the exterior of the building (because you do not sleep outside the building) know when you write a review vote ... and remember that the Pulitzer does not know that ... I'll give to you is only a review ... for us represents three years of work and sacrifice ... Losing a position as 2 place after three years, for a review rated ... without criteria ... and bases ... bothers ... So do not play with the sacrifices, efforts and the work of others ...

I conclude by giving you some advice ... remember you are on vacation .... but anyway ... think ... relax ... smile to rejoice in the life ... and you will see that life will smile if you already ... come depressed at the start ...

We say ... People Allegra (Happy) ... God Help ... Happy Holidays to all ....

Alf * B & B La Casa di El Agrigento ***

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Beoordeeld op 26 oktober 2018 via mobiele applicatie

Datum van verblijf: oktober 2018
Reistype: Reisde met een partner
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Beoordeeld op 21 mei 2018

Datum van verblijf: mei 2018
  • Reistype: Reisde met vrienden
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Beoordeeld op 30 april 2018

Datum van verblijf: april 2018
Deze beoordeling is de persoonlijke mening van een TripAdvisor-lid en niet die van TripAdvisor LLC zelf.
Beoordeeld op 12 oktober 2017 via mobiele applicatie

Datum van verblijf: oktober 2017
Reistype: Reisde met vrienden
Deze beoordeling is de persoonlijke mening van een TripAdvisor-lid en niet die van TripAdvisor LLC zelf.
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