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Farm Uitspanning Stand 470 Bourke's Luck, Moremela, Nationaal Park Kruger 1270 Zuid-Afrika
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Nr. 2 van de 2 B&B’s/pensions in Manyeleti Game Reserve
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Farm Uitspanning Stand 470 Bourke's Luck, Moremela, Nationaal Park Kruger 1270 Zuid-Afrika
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Ulusaba Airport56 kmAlle vluchten bekijken
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Nadia Michaela heeft een beoordeling geschreven jul. 2022
5 bijdragen
Melody (the owner) was responsive and very helpful, staying in contact with my partner and I when we were unable to come to our first night booked at our chalet due to road issues. And she even offered an additional night in the chalet for no charge, to make up for our night we missed out on. She also was very helpful in telling us how to move onto our next destination and some interesting points to stop at along the way. When we arrived at the Treur River lodge we were greeted by a very smiley hostess who was happy to get us seated at the Chubby Pig restaurant on sight. My partner and I were extremely happy to get a great lunch, pre-order our dinner, 2 drinks and a dessert for a good price. We enjoyed the river views and listening to the different birds echoing down the river. At night we made a fire and chatted under a beautiful blanket of stars, which was completely untouched by light pollution. I particularly loved the idea of being completely off the grid, no cell connection and WiFi made it a perfect place for my partner and I to take in nature and not to be distracted by phones. We slept in the most comfortable bed imaginable with complete silence in the area. We felt extremely safe at the same time! Great place, we will definitely be back!
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Datum van verblijf: juli 2022Reistype: Bezocht met een partner
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Thobzi heeft een beoordeling geschreven okt. 2021
1 bijdrage1 nuttige stem
DO NOT BOOK THERE....Service was disgusting. We booked 2 chalets the last week from 24 - 26 September 2021. On arrival we we're told that we could only bath once at 7pm and can't bath in the morning cos there won't be hot water. 7pm the water was cold. Sunday morning on checking out, the owner accused us of stealing 2 unfodable chairs. At first we thought he was joking and asked if he saw the car we were driving as we were driving an I10 and if the his chairs could fit in our car. He said he doesn't care there were chairs outside that we stole. We asked he check with the cleaners, he did and they confirmed that the chairs are there. He did not apologize and when we confronted him he insulted us and told us to f@%k off.
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Datum van verblijf: september 2021Reistype: Bezocht met vrienden
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1 nuttige stem
Charlotte G heeft een beoordeling geschreven mei 2021
Centurion, Zuid-Afrika2 bijdragen2 nuttige stemmen
My husband and I were the only people on the premises the Friday night. We felt unsafe, it was dark and there was absolutely no network coverage. There were dogs that we assumed belonged to the owners who lived who knows where. They barked like crazy at one point in the early evening and we felt very unsafe. We opted to eat in the room instead. The dogs (sweet as they were) slept on our porch and had barking fits all through the night trying to alert us to who knows what. We did not get a good night's rest any of the 2 nights we stayed there. Treur River Lodge is advertised as self catering but is far from it. No fridge available, no freezer, no braai utensils, no sink, no dustbin (save the wire one in the bathroom). They also advertise that you can purchase meat from the restaurant to braai, but don't count on it if you arrive in the afternoon. The restaurant closes at 4PM. We had breakfast one morning at the restaurant (The Chubby Pig). Our meagre bacon was charred and the coffee weak. I felt the food was very pricey for what you get.
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Datum van verblijf: maart 2021Reistype: Bezocht met een partner
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Capria O heeft een beoordeling geschreven apr. 2021
Johannesburg, Zuid-Afrika3 bijdragen1 nuttige stem
What makes this place special is the scenery, location and quaintness of the chalets. However, anything other than those three points deserve one star only... The restaurant is adorable with little Knick knacks you can purchase and a lovely view, but the food is rather disappointing. The condiment sauces taste and look watered down, the cheese doesn’t melt, the bread stale, the wors dry. You’d think your eggs will be safe but they come burnt and the coffee tastes cheep. There’s a lovely concept behind the chalets but it’s poorly executed, with thin walls and not enough windows to move out stale air from the heat of the afternoon. The water heaters need an upgrade or better TLC, otherwise prep yourself for cold showers, and if it does happen to work, prep to be cooked alive. There is no in between. The staff are friendly but if they don’t want to clean your dishes or your room, you’ll have to go to the river and do it yourself. Your towels will stay wet and smell for days until you leave, if they ever change them, you won’t get your toilet paper replaced so bring extra, and upon telling the owners, nothing changes. Genuinely the worst and most disgusting guest services I’ve had, and I’ve been to even worse off third world countries. It makes me ashamed to say I am a local and this is the experience I received, I cannot begin to imagine how disappointing it must be for international visitors who have never experienced the beauty of Africa, and while I have lived in Europe for the last decade, I lowered my expectations and still, those low expectations were not even met. Each chalet has its own custom designs, making them unique and cute, but we got one with corrugated tin for a headboard - not bad but definitely did not have its sharply cut edges sanded and is a risk for pets and children. There are wobbly tiles, tiles that aren’t even attached to the floor, cracks in the glass windows, and one that can’t even open properly by the small gas burner. The dogs on the property are friendly and keep watch making you feel safe, but do brace yourself to be woken up whenever they feel the need to bark at the birds or monkeys on your roof or around the property - usually around 3am. The eatery closes at 4pm, making it hard for one to plan a dinner meal if you run out of food. There should be the option for guests to sign a sheet specifying if they will want dinner from the restaurant and on the days a guest indicates they will attend the eatery for dinner, the restaurant should stay open until 9pm, and there be a fine for guests who don’t show so the staff can get overtime. It’s not a novel idea, but definitely will feel like the lodge is more catered to the guests, rather than it feeling so cut off. But since it’s self-cater for dinner, at least there should be a mini fridge or something for you to store your pre-made or ready to make food so it doesn’t go off, but you’re SOL, bring a cooler box and travel 30 mins to Graskop to get ice to keep it cool. All in all, you definitely DON’T get your money’s worth, rather go up the road and spend R200 more for a chalet built of stone, working water heaters, cellular signal, cable tv if you’re into that, and about 7 on site activities included in your stay, such as a restaurant that stays open for dinner, a pool, hiking trails right into the canyon, a put-put course and even stables. While this is a rather negative review, we did actually enjoy ourselves staying here. We had a roof over our head and four walls to keep us protected from the elements (albeit they aren’t made of anything durable). We easily drove down the road to many different attractions and were able to spend our evenings by the river running through the property, surrounded by the sounds of water, birds, and a lot of nature. This place has everything to be a fantastic little getaway, but there are improvements that need to be made to get it there, and if you’re able to deal with it like we have, then you’ll enjoy most moments of your stay.
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Datum van verblijf: maart 2021
Kamertip: Rather go down the street and pay a little more for service and accommodation that is a million...
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US$ 35 - US$ 48 (Op basis van de gemiddelde tarieven voor een standaardkamer)
Zuid-AfrikaNationaal Park KrugerManyeleti Game Reserve
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TREUR RIVER LODGE (Manyeleti Game Reserve, Zuid-Afrika) - foto's, reviews en prijsvergelijking - Tripadvisor

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