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Templeshannon, Enniscorthy Ierland
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MrsAIrish heeft een beoordeling geschreven jan 2022
47 bijdragen63 nuttige stemmen
Loved this hotel. It’s actually an Annex to Tracey’s Hotel which is just across the road and down a lane. It was just perfect for our family as with covid numbers so high we wanted to keep ourselves to ourselves not be eating i restaurant or mixing in lobby etc. We booked the family suite which has two bedrooms with a little shared corridor and a bathroom and then one main entrance which was so handy because myself and my husband could watch TV after our two girls had gone asleep - we brought a video monitor just so we could see them and hear them because they’re young. We booked B&B but we didn’t want to eat in the restaurant (girls aren’t vaccinated) so they packed up breakfast for us and all - it was a fantastic stay.
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Datum van verblijf: december 2021Reistype: Bezocht met familie
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Annette D heeft een beoordeling geschreven aug 2021
1 bijdrage1 nuttige stem
Not as advertised We had to walk across to a different hotel to collect our key and back again for breakfast next morning. Also advertised is a gym and leisure centre which isn’t even in the hotel total separate and it costs to use it and u get vouchers back that goes back into the hotel.. the staff are not over friendly either especially at breakfast at €250 a night would not recommend
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Datum van verblijf: augustus 2021Reistype: Bezocht met familie
Deze beoordeling is de subjectieve mening van een Tripadvisor-lid en niet de mening van Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor voert controles uit op beoordelingen.
1 nuttige stem
pinky-fiver heeft een beoordeling geschreven feb 2020
Dublin, Ierland148 bijdragen34 nuttige stemmen
Booked direct with the hotel for a night away. I was aware that the suites are not in the hotel itself but it doesn't tell you on hotel website that they are located in an apartment block beside a railway station, and you need to cross a busy road to get to/from the hotel. On arrival I asked about the kids club that evening only to be told there is none on Fri evening despite there being no mention of this on the booking which was particularly for mid-term and advertised a kids club morning and evening. So that was the first disappointment. Second disappointment was to find that the leisure centre you have use of is nothing to do with the hotel. If you want to use it you need to get a voucher from reception. It is located across the road from the hotel and a bit further again from the suites. So we got our voucher. Then asked about parking only to be told we'd have to pay. I pointed out it was lashing rain and it was a bit unreasonable to expect us to walk with young kids in the rain so they said they would comp the parking but to do so we had to walk back to the hotel with the parking ticket, get them to sign in and then go back to the pool. So pver and back I ealk with the ticket. We arrived at the pool at 4pm to be told that it was not open to guests for another hour. Tge hotel staff should have told us this but didn't. So we got the kids back in the car, back to the room. I tried to ring the reception to change our dinner reservation - phone in the room not working. No remote for one TV, other TV had such bad reception it was unwatchable. We headed back to the pool an hour later to discover no towels are kept at the pool so the expectation is that you will leave the suites, go to the hotel, get a pile of towels and then plod across the road with them. Ridiculous. So over I went and got the towels, all of which were barely bigger than hand towels. The changing room in the pool was far from clean (we witnessed it getting "cleaned" while we were there and other than sloshing neat bleach around and spraying it with a hose no actual cleaning was done). The water was freezing. When we got back to the room there was no parking available at the building so we had to park on the street and there were teenagers loitering and being noisy. We requested extra pillows and again asked for the TV remote. The houskeeping staff came with 2 pillows (we asked for 4) and was told there are no more pillows available. Still no tv remote. The carpet was filthy (not obvious due to the colour but with in half an hour the kids socks were black). The walls are paper thin. During the night there were fans or coolers or something running all night and very noisy. Although the room we got was calked a "suite" and supposed to be an apartment it was 2 rooms and a toilet, no sitting area etc so not a suite at all. That evening we arrived for dinner. The group ahead of us (also a birthday group) discovered that their reservation had not been made for them and were asked instead to go to the bar. So organisation in general seems to be lacking. The room was so dark you couldn't even read the menus and we put the light on our phones just to see the menu! When we booked the table we asked could we bring a cake as it was one of our party's birthday. They said it was fine but then before we even ordered our meal they told us that as it was a fresh cream cake (it wasn't) they had tested its temperature and it was too warm to serve so they were legally prohibited from cutting and serving it. We told him its not fresh cream its buttercream but this was disputed. They offered to bring out the cake and candles but they wouldn't allow us to eat it! As we had kids with us it seemed unfair to bring out a cake and then tell kids they can't have it so we ended up bringing the cake back to the room and have it there. The vegetarian options were really poor (just one item on the menu). I asked if anything else could be made and was offered a stir fry which is the laziest most boring option after pasta with tomato sauce and as this was supposed to be a special birthday meal it was disappointing. I ended up asking for something from the bar menu and expressly stated no parmesan (as it is not vegetarian). After a long wait starters arrived. We were told that the long wait was because the bar was busy but the restaurant wasn't especially busy so the wait seemed unnecessary. My vegetarian starter had chicken in it. I sent it back but suspect that the chicken was just taken out and sent back out. We were so long waiting that I asked for the kids dinners to arrive as quick as possible and instead the kids dinner arrived LAST! And one plate was boiling hot and shouldn't have been served to a child. My main arrived covered in parmesan despite my earlier request. It was so disappointing all round. And despite the long wait, no cake, wrong food twice we weren't even offered a complementary coffee or even an acknowledgement. We arrived for breakfast at 10am and were asked to wait for a table despite 2 empty tables. When we were called in we were seated at one of these tables so I don't understand why we had to wait. By this stage it was 10.15 and there were no potatoes, mushrooms or tomatoes left and they were not replaced. The set up of the buffet is badly organised and the toaster either didn't toast or cremated the toast. Jam and marmalade was in larger bowls but nothing to put it in so we just put some on a plate. Saturday morning we hoped to go for a swim only to discover that there is no option for guests to use the pool until after 2pm. Given that the pool was a deciding factor in our chosing this hotel it was really annoying to discover that we can't even use it. Between running back and forth between the hotel/room/pool, really poor service, uninspiring food, no kids club, no access to the pool, uncomfortable tiny beds, no tv in the room we were glad to be leaving. It was disappointing on all levels. On check out I asked to speak with a manager but there was none available. I was assured she wod phone me ehen she arrived (she was expected within the hour). I got no call. Would I stay here again? Not a chance
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Datum van verblijf: februari 2020Reistype: Bezocht met familie
Deze beoordeling is de subjectieve mening van een Tripadvisor-lid en niet de mening van Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor voert controles uit op beoordelingen.
seangabhann heeft een beoordeling geschreven dec 2019
Graafschap Dublin, Ierland6 bijdragen12 nuttige stemmen
Extreme noise from other rooms and corridor s,bed terrible two single matresses put together, staff in suites using walkie talkies with loud volume setting very disturbing , breakfast room to small guests queuing for tables,
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Datum van verblijf: december 2019
Kamertip: do not book the Slaney Rooms
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Deze beoordeling is de subjectieve mening van een Tripadvisor-lid en niet de mening van Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor voert controles uit op beoordelingen.
pwurple heeft een beoordeling geschreven mei 2019
Cork, Ierland215 bijdragen185 nuttige stemmen
We stayed 1 night in the Slaney suites. it's a good option in enniscorthy for families, as they sleep 4 people. Don't expect too much privacy, we could hear every word spoken in the adjoining rooms, as I'm sure they could hear us. The water pressure and shower were good, they were clean, and the hairdryer and tv worked. It's a short walk to the hotel and pool. There is parking outside the room. It was unusual to find there was no wifi at all, that's considered a basic these days. And the beds are poor quality mattresses, but for one night it's ok. The reception is over in the hotel, as is the breakfast. Nothing special about the breakfast, nothing terrible either. My children didn't like the pancakes, they tasted pre-manufactured. Like a long-life product microwaved rather than freshly made. Bread, meats and fruit were available with pastries and a newspaper. Pool is a nice size for this town. The reception could do with rethinking. The unfortunate receptionist is seated in a black tiled cubicle, very low, behind a tall desk. It feels very uncomfortable checking in, almost like speaking to someone seated on a toilet. Price was ok. 165 for 1 night, for 4 people.
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Datum van verblijf: mei 2019
Reistype: Bezocht met familie
Deze beoordeling is de subjectieve mening van een Tripadvisor-lid en niet de mening van Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor voert controles uit op beoordelingen.
IerlandLeinsterCounty WexfordEnniscorthy
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SLANEY SUITES (Enniscorthy, Ierland) - foto's en reviews - Tripadvisor

Veelgestelde vragen over Slaney Suites
Welke populaire attracties liggen er in de buurt van Slaney Suites?
Attracties in de buurt zijn Enniscorthy Castle (0,3 mijl), St. Aidan's Cathedral (0,4 mijl) en Antique Tavern (0,2 mijl).
Welke restaurants liggen er in de buurt van Slaney Suites?
Restaurants met een gunstige locatie zijn Via Veneto Ristorante Italiano, Cotton Tree Cafe en The Bailey Bar & Eatery.
Ligt Slaney Suites in de buurt van het stadscentrum?
Ja, het ligt 0,2 mijl vanaf het centrum van Enniscorthy.
Zijn er historische locaties in de buurt van Slaney Suites?
Veel reizigers bezoeken Ferns Castle (10,6 mijl).