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Mijn partner en ik ( gepensioneerde ) brachten 2 dagen in het Bull in juni 2017 . Mijn grootouders woonde in naar en toen gingen we naar hen bezoeken vaak liep langs de Bull. In die dagen was een chique hotel gebruikt door veel van de vissen gilde. Als een jongere vroeg ik me
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Gestopt op de terugweg van Salisbury races voor het avondeten. Het personeel was erg vriendelijk en beleefd. Het menu was zeer redelijk en niet een slechte selectie van wijn. Het eten was goed gepresenteerd en warm, met een redelijke kloof tussen elke cursus. Op verzoek van de
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Dit zou onze lokale als het waren geen goed. Mijn vrouw belde in persoon een paar dagen geleden en boekten een bepaalde tafel voor 6 voor een speciale gelegenheid. We kwamen vanavond, geen boeken op het systeem, tafel vroegen we reeds gezet door mensen dragen Man United tops.
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Vriendelijk personeel, goed eten, maar lawaaierige kamer 1 helaas afgezien van die kamer zou dit mooi wee plaats maar gebruik niet kamer boven de kelders zijn luidruchtig. Goede karakter placer en vriendelijke bar
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We hebben regelmatig klanten bij de stier in naar voor maaltijden en drankjes voor vele jaren en tot nu toe zijn zeer tevreden. Deze avond werd dat anders. Het restaurant was erg koud en leeg. Onze bestelling was niet genomen en na vijftien minuten, waren we verplicht naar de
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Poor quality
Dirty toilet and rusty roll holder
Very basic
Dirty cups!
Hi, its James here, the landlord of the Bull Hotel here. Unfortunately this is an old page belonging to the old owners so I don't have access to reply through the normal means so I hope this gets seen. I would firstly like to apologise that you didn't enjoy your stay but i feel compelled to clarify some points you made. In regards to the 'school games room furniture' in the bar area, we have some black leather sofas and black and chrome tables and chairs. I'm not entirely sure what it is that you were expecting to see in a pub, but obviously our taste in furniture isn't for everyone... the same with life I suppose. I am surprised you found the furniture in the room cheap and tatty, as the room you stayed in is actually our most popular room that we re decorated about 6 months ago with furniture we bought from a 4 star hotel in London and we have had a lot of very positive comments regarding how nice the expansive wall mounted headboard, granite bedside tables etc are. If this is your idea of cheap and tatty, i would dearly love to hear your idea of what furniture you would expect in a 3 star bed and breakfast, but again we can't please everyone or all have the same taste, otherwise it would be a pretty boring world to live in. As for the smell, that would be a vanilla air freshener. Again I'm sorry this wasn't to your liking In regards to the kitchen extraction. I can assure you this is switched of every night when the kitchen closes, and is checked by a manger when locking up also, so this was definitely not the sound you heard. All i can possibly imagine is that where your room is above our cellar there is a fan in there that keeps the cellar at a certain temperature. When ever the cellar gets above a certain temperature then it kicks in to cool it down. It is pretty rare that this kicks in during the night, due to the natural drop in air temperature, but nether the less, does happen occasionally Unfortunately there is little i can do about this, as if the cellar gets to warm it will ruin especially our cask marque accredited real ales. This is possibly something i could talk to the brewery about maybe sound proofing a bit better, so i genuinely apologise in this matter. I also feel the 'cupboard door' comment is unnecessary. It is a regular sized door so feel this is a petty and inaccurate comment The television, we noticed when the cleaner was in after you left that the aerial plug had come slightly pulled out. Maybe something to check in future before assuming it broken, although i accept this is something we should check also. Unfortunately we are a bed and breakfast, not a 24hr hotel, so there wouldn't be anyone answering the phones in the early hours of the morning, in the same way you wouldn't at most bed and breakfasts, although in your room information folder, there are contact details including my personal phone number in case of emergencies or if needed in this kind of situation. In the event of a fire, i actually live on site, we have regularly checked fire alarms, and the fire evacuation procedure is stated on a plaque next to or on the back of all accommodation doors, so suggesting that we have an unsafe, uncaring attitude towards this kind of situation as wildly inaccurate and very much wide of the mark. In the case of the 'unsmiling young man' I would say his attitude would not have been helped by you starting your interaction by rudely throwing your credit card at him! In this regard, it is fortunate that it was him that this happened to and not myself! Regardless of how you felt at the time, I would not tolerate this in any situation, and feel implored to defend my colleague in this, and for not reacting to this rude behaviour. I am not entirely sure what response you would expect after this, as all he went on to do was to remind you breakfast was included. This was entirely your decision not to take up on this due to the 'food smells' which you will funnily enough find quite common in a pub that serves food! As for telling him about the issues, he spoke to me regarding this and since you where quitre vague in regards to such issues such as the smell, there would not be a huge amount of action we could immediately make, without further details from yourself. Again, i do whole heartedly apologise that you did not enjoy your stay, but at the same time, I do feel the genuine few issues such as the cellar fan have definitely been fleshed out to make us look worse than we truly are, with either inaccuracies such as the 'cupboard door' comment, or just issues that were not to your taste, such as the smell of our air freshener It is reviews like this, that makes TripAdvisor such a headache for hard working, honest pub, bed and breakfast and hotel owners and managers, as by the time I have seen this and had a chance to respond due to it being on an old page (no fault of your own) plenty of people would have seen this and made up their minds. I would suggest in future that any grievances you may have should be put to the manger or owner directly to talk out your differences as the whole time that morning i was busy working in the kitchen, so would have gladly spoke to you face to face and ironed this out as i was completely unaware until the 'unsmiling man' came in to speak to me by which point you had left, instead of having to read these on the whole, list of personal opinions, which on occasion, can be very damaging to businesses like mine Please feel free to respond if you would like further clarification on any of the points i have mentioned above. James
Hi James, I've only just come across your detailed reply to the one star review I left after a one night stay in The Bull. Let me start by saying that I have huge sympathy for hoteliers, restauranteurs etc who are at the mercy of irresponsible reviewers leaving vitriolic, unfair or even defamatory reviews on Trip Advisor because some minor whim of theirs was not catered for. Once the review is up, the damage is done and, however detailed the reply may be, it is often the unfair criticism that remains in the mind of the reader. You will see that I have written over forty reviews on Trip Advisor. I try to be meticulously fair. I have only given a one star review once, and that was for your hotel. I note that of the current 108 reviews, there are 17 other reviews rating you as one star 'terrible', 13 rating you as poor, and 19 rating you as average. So, I am not alone. Further, many of the points I made are mentioned by other reviewers. As recently as 13 August 2016, Pam L says "the bathroom had black mould on the walls, the toilet seat was hanging off...and the noise from some sort of machinery went on till the early hours". There are many even more critical reviews that I will not list, but which are available for all to see. I don't want to get into a 'yes/no' argument with you, as that helps no one. So, for example, you say the TV didn't work because the aerial was not plugged in. Maybe that is correct. I doubt it because I suspect we would have checked that simple thing. But that misses the point, doesn't it? It should have been plugged in. It would have been plugged in in any decent hotel. I've carefully re-read my review, and I stand by every word of it. I haven't come across vanilla sprays before, and that may explain the odd sweet/sickly smell we noticed. But why do you feel the need to spray the room with vanilla? What are you trying to cover up? The door to the back flight of stairs did remind us of a cupboard door (yes, yes a full sized one!) and the stairs up from the door were challengingly steep and I would imagine that older or slightly infirm customers would struggle to get up them. The extractor fan was incredibly noisy and, whatever you say, was on all night. The lack of any onsite staff or contact numbers for use during the night is unacceptable. And the hotel number goes through to an answering machine during the night. You may live on site yourself, but there was no obvious means of attracting your attention. The final point I would make is about your allegation that I 'threw' my credit card at the surly young man on reception. Obviously I dispute that. Nothing more to be said about that. So why did I not ask for the manager rather than just dealing with surly young man? We had had it by then. We just wanted to escape. But I would have thought that any competent reception staff, having sensed that a guest was not happy, might have temporised by saying something along the lines of. "I am sorry you feel like that, sir, I will get the manager to speak with you". We had told him that the TV didn't work. He said nothing. Maybe he didn't understand that we were unhappy, though the clue was in the statement that "This is the worst hotel we have ever stayed in." I take no pleasure in giving really bad reviews, and rarely do it (check all my other ones). The Bull is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, and if you got your act together, you could, I don't doubt, have a thriving business. It's a shame. You need a major refurbishment. You need to have clean, well-furnished bedrooms that don't need sickly vanilla sprays to cover up Lord knows what. You need to move the extractor fan away from bedroom windows. I wish you luck with it. When the refurb is complete, we will try again. But not before.
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