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Two Brewers Hotel Vragen en antwoorden

Beoordeeld als nr. 1 van 1 hotels in Chipperfield
Chipperfield, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Hi Jamie

I'm wondering if, along with your recent cosmetic refurb, you have improved the food? I don't mean just "new menus" but I wonder if you realise you'd get a lot more custom if you sourced better quality ingredients for a start? I live nearby & mostly stay away because the food hasn't been great for at least 6 years when the Spirit Group took over. Tasteless meat & vegetables could so easily be fixed, & I think the investment of a good chef would pay off handsomely as your pub ticks all the other boxes. There is space for better food in this area, and I would say if you went to the Cricketers in Sarratt for a meal and raised your game to their standard, your trade would go up 50%. Just my opinion...



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Jamie P
Taplow, Verenigd Koninkrijk
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Hi Steve,

As the refurb has taken place I have actually handed over the business to another Chef and Brewer general manager. Her name is Meagan and if you would like to forward your question to her I'm sure she would be happy to answer it. I hope you can understand that it's probably not appropriate for me to comment as I no longer run the business. She can be contacted on 01923265266

All the best Jamie Peoples

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