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Private Tiwanaku en Titicaca Dagtrip vanuit La Paz met onpartijdige beoordelingen

Private Tiwanaku en Titicaca Dagtrip vanuit La Paz

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US$ 125,00
2 reizigers
Gratis annuleren tot 24 uur van tevoren
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Ontdek Tiwanaku en het Titicacameer op privéreis vanuit La Paz die twee Boliviaanse hoogtepunten combineert tot een spectaculaire dag van ontdekkingstochten. Je ziet de oude hoofdstad van de Tiwanaku-cultuur, die nu op de werelderfgoedlijst van UNESCO staat, en reist vervolgens over de prachtige kustlijn van het Titicacameer, met de flexibiliteit en persoonlijke service van een privégids gedurende de dag.
  • Privétrip naar Tiwanaku en Lake Titicaca maximaliseert reistijd
  • Inclusief tour, entrees en een lunch aan het meer
  • Klimaatgestuurde minivan betekent een comfortabele dag verkennen
  • Handig ophalen en wegbrengen bij hotels in het centrum van La Paz
Wat je kunt verwachten
In uw hotel stapt u op een klimaatgestuurde minibus voor de reis van La Paz naar Tiwanaku, waar u de dag begint met een rondleiding door dit oude spirituele, politieke en culturele centrum. Volg na de rondleiding een onafhankelijke tijd om een ​​nabijgelegen museum te bekijken of blijf de gebeeldhouwde stenen en structuren van Tiwanaku verkennen.  Ga vervolgens verder naar de verhoogde oevers van het Titicacameer en wacht even voor een inbegrepen lunch aan het water. De middag draait om het nemen van uitzicht op het Titicacameer en pauzeert op een reeks uitzichtpunten langs de oevers voordat u terugkeert naar La Paz.  Na een dag van het verkennen van enkele van de meest fascinerende bezienswaardigheden van Bolivia, eindigt deze privétour met drop-off in uw hotel.
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Belangrijke informatie
10–12 uur
  • Tiwanaku-tour gepresenteerd in het Engels of Spaans
  • Ophalen en wegbrengen van het hotel (bij boeking een hotel vermelden!)
  • Lunch (geef tijdens het reserveren de beperkingen van de maaltijd aan!)
  • Vervoer met een minibus met airconditioning
  • Entree/toegang - Tiwanaku
  • Entree/toegang - Lake Titicaca
  • Ophalen van het hotel buiten La Paz
  • Fooi
  • U kunt ophalen bij Zona Sur hotels voor een extra $ 20USD
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Aanvullende informatie
  • Het gaat om een ​​bescheiden hoeveelheid lopen, draag comfortabele wandelschoenen
  • Geen hartproblemen of andere ernstige medische problemen
  • Tour stopt om te wandelen op het strand van het Titicacameer. TripAdvisor's beschrijving zegt dat de tour naar Copacabana gaat, maar dit is niet het geval. Hun systeem vermeldt slechts één optie voor een stop aan het Titicacameer en ze zijn niet uitgekomen op mijn verzoeken om dit te verhelpen. -Caleb
  • Tour is op hoogte!
  • Reizigers moeten een redelijke conditie hebben
Annuleer minimaal 24 uur vóór de startdatum van de activiteit voor een volledige restitutie.
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Tijd van het jaar
antoinetteog heeft een beoordeling geschreven aug. 2019
25 bijdragen9 nuttige stemmen
Zoals de andere beoordelingen zeggen, is deze tour anders en minder toeristisch dan anderen, wat positief was. We hadden een mooie rustige tour in Tiwanaku met Angela, wat geweldig was. En de rustige lunch aan de oevers van het Titicacameer was veel leuker dan de drukte op
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Datum van activiteit: augustus 2019
Antwoord van CalebSolace, Owner bij Private Tiwanaku en Titicaca Dagtrip vanuit La Paz
Gereageerd op 11 aug. 2019
"Pompous, rude, cynical... but altogether a couple of nice blokes" While I appreciate you and your husband booking a tour with us, and for the most part enjoyed your company, when someone begins the day with "I am the dean of a prominent financial university in the United Kingdom" in a "you'll lick the filth off the bottom of my shoes" voice I know what sort of day it will be. Most attempts I made to explain the history of Bolivia were met with your husband's rudely timed throat clearing. I usually go over 10,000 years of it in as little or as much detail as my clients want with Angela providing the Tiwanaku era at the site. I never could get into a rhythm with the two of you. It made me wonder if both of you worked in education, or just your husband. I am surprised to get a compliment on lunch. Listening to your sarcasm while I was cooking for you ("How's the "chef" doing"?) was quickly silenced from both of you after the first bite. Nothing like making someone eat their words with delicious food. Was it the pulled BBQ chicken sandwich on fresh baked corn bread I cooked for you over an open fire, after handing the two of you cold beers and listening to your insults, or was it my butter/beer carrots with fresh local herbs? As there were a lot of parties on the day we ran the tour, and I have lived here a number of years, am married to a Bolivian, have a Bolivian son and live in a Bolivian household, in reference to you mentioning my comment about chewing coca as a "way to integrate and be accepted by local Bolivians" I was directing it at the two of you, for two reasons: 1. The two of you looked rather absurd to the locals for some reason or other (they were pointing at you and laughing at the party we stopped at in the village of Tiwanaku) and I thought it would make you guys look a little... "cooler" or acceptable to the "locals". "When in Rome" right? 2. I was willing to give anything to see either one of you with a little coca juice dribbling out the corners of your mouths myself, and the predictable fits of laughter from onlookers. In reference to my own chewing, I integrated into this culture years ago. Be it lime with stevia, baking soda or ashes from a fire (I recommend trying the coffee flavoured bicarbonato) you need to add an alkaline substance to the leaves for them to work and they're about as much an intoxicant as strong coffee. If you thought my chewing coca was uncouth I thought your sarcastic comments were too. If someone can show up to my hotel on time, run an 11 hour tour, drive, lecture, cook, and maintain the hours of the itinerary flawlessly through absolute chaos I would not fault them on chewing a little coca (you exaggerated how much I chewed just a bit). If I do everything I advertised I would, professionally, if someone doesn't like me as a person and are going to fault my character despite me giving them 110% over the course of a 13 hour work day they can kiss me between the cheeks. Most people aren't so aloof and like that I act myself with them. You forgot to mention we ran the tour for you on 6 de agosto, Bolivia's independence day, and that we ran the tour for you on short notice. El Alto traffic is some of the worst in the world when there are no parades. If I didn't know the roads as well as anyone who drives taxi I would not have known the clever bypasses on those suspension rattling roads that allowed me to run the tour for you on a national holiday. Most people credit me for that. Here's a biggie, if you are fainthearted in a backseat don't remind your driver of a dinner reservation you really want to make. I drive in Bolivia every day. I have a family and would not risk returning home safely to them at night for anyone. I doubt either you or your husband would survive 5 minutes in El Alto traffic without causing an accident or having to pull over and quit. Driving aggressively, weather or not people from outside Bolivia like it, is the normal here and if you can't drive aggressively you won't go anywhere. On a final note, discussing the politics of Bolivia is part of how I conclude with explaining the 20th/21st century history of Bolivia because of the obvious relevance. I try to be as objective as possible. Having seen injustices on a level I hope you never have to witness yourselves (kids in the upper Amazon with cognitive delay and brain damage drinking water with 50 times the acceptable mercury levels from gold mining for example) it is hard to be entirely dispassionate about what you've seen. Given your respective views on politics, immigration and us commoners that I had to listen to it comes as no surprise that kids in the upper Amazon with brain damage were of little concern to you so long as the gears of industry and commerce continue to turn in right mercurial fashion. In reference to your future travel plans and my recommendations for a 2 day road trip from Nashville: Take I-40 eastbound from Nashville. Leave by 6:30 am. That should get you to S.R. 66 southbound to Gatlinburg by 10 am. Enter Smokey Mountains National Park at Gatlinburg and take a left onto the Blue Ridge Parkway northbound. It is one of the prettiest drives in the Eastern United States. You can find beautiful hiking along the way to Asheville, and in Asheville great food, music and lodging. Be sure to drop the English patrician act before going out to see some live music. The locals don't respond well to it.
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TomLuke123 heeft een beoordeling geschreven aug. 2019
328 bijdragen111 nuttige stemmen
We hadden slechts 5 dagen in La Paz en wilden de lokale cultuur, geschiedenis en zoveel mogelijk informatie over de actuele gebeurtenissen van het land zien en ervaren. De privétour naar de historische Tiwanaku-ruïnes (met een lokale historicus en archeoloog) was een grondige en
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Lemonstravel heeft een beoordeling geschreven jul. 2019
45 bijdragen9 nuttige stemmen
Deze tour was geweldig! Het is zeker buiten de gebaande paden; wij waren de enige mensen aan het meer. Het was een perfecte dag. We hadden een goede picknicklunch aan het meer en hebben echt genoten van de ruïnes.
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Datum van activiteit: juli 2019
LizzyD heeft een beoordeling geschreven jun. 2019
444 bijdragen79 nuttige stemmen
Ik heb voorafgaand aan de boeking per e-mail contact met Caleb opgenomen. Er was een probleem met prijsverschillen tussen zijn site en TripAdvisor maar dit is opgelost. Ik vergat binnen een week te betalen, dus de datum die ik nodig had was volgeboekt. Caleb vertelde me dat hij
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Antwoord van Tannatt, Owner bij Private Tiwanaku en Titicaca Dagtrip vanuit La Paz
Gereageerd op 12 jun. 2019
First of all, as you stated, we were booked full and you didn't travel with our company, or in one of our vehicles. We put you in contact with a driver for hire because you begged us to help you find a way to run an itinerary similar to the one you would have run with us had we not been booked full. When TripAdvisor auto extended our product "Tiwanaku/Titicaca private tour" in Jan. 2019 they made an error in the price, and reverted to an old group tour price. Two other people contacted us wanting to book at that price. When we explained the error they said they understood and booked the tour after the error had been fixed on TripAdvisor's site. You instead demanded we "honor the advertised price", which I explained was not on our website, but on a third party's. This correspondence lasted over the course of many emails. It was quite clear that you were threatening a bad review if we did not capitulate to your demands to run a private tour for you at our loss. I remember telling my wife back in February that I was walking a tightrope at gunpoint to avoid a bad review on this one. I finally told you I would meet you halfway on the incorrectly advertised price, to which you agreed. I told you I would need payment to reserve. You said you would get it to me that weekend. I never heard from you for a month. The date had been booked in the meantime (honestly, the last thing I am going to do is hold a date open, indefinitely, without payment, for someone using threats to get me to run a tour for them at a loss). When you did contact me again you would not accept no for an answer after I told you the date had been booked, again barraging us with emails. The best thing I could do was put you in contact with a local driver we use for airport transfers who could run the approximate route of the tour you would have taken with us, which I did, at no benefit to myself (quite the contrary). We use him because of his vehicle actually. The "rickety car" you described is a 2016 Toyota Hiace minibus with leather seats which he keeps immaculate. I noticed your "picture of the car" was of your stuff on the seat and not of the minibus itself. When you initially said you wanted to book (and never followed through) I told you the tour began at 7:30am at the latest because of the traffic. It ruins the itinerary if started later, so we insist our travelers run the tour at the designated start time or book with someone else. You could have started your day at any time you wanted to for all I cared. You had a driver for hire we connected you with, not us running a tour for you. Let's go over the numbers: The driver received $180 from you (we received nothing). He paid $30USD for entrance for the two of you. He paid $30USD for a local guide. He paid $20USD for beverages and lunch for the two of you. He made $100 for a 12 hour day of driving, minus gas, tolls and the wear and tear on a vehicle he paid $30,000 for 3 years ago. That is the price he gives to people who have done business with him for years. Also, as we are a landlocked country, simple things like an oil change are double what they cost in the U.S. Tourist like yourself who demand ridiculously low prices and spur cutthroat competition among local businesses hurt the places you travel in more than you help them. It became clear during the course of our correspondence you were willing to hurt my business if I did not bend to your demands and work for you at a loss. I may add... In your time in Bolivia did you notice any smooth roads? There are none. It's a vast country with bad roads. It's a great place for travelers: people who feel the reward of driving on a bumpy road to get to an abandoned 16th century church on the shore of Titicaca is worth it. It's not a great country for tourists. Forgive me, but if you are not interested in the history, culture or land of a country you travel to why bother going? To consume 1000s of gallons of jet fuel just to take a selfie you can brag through on Instagram or Facebook posts? I spoke with the driver we connected you with this week after reading your review. I didn't want to write a reply before doing so. He said after taking you to a remote section of lakeshore in a traditional Uros community you just took a couple of selfies and wanted to leave. If you had no interest in the lake, traditional Bolivian culture or the history of Tiwanaku, why did you barrage us with all the emails trying to book a tour with us to go there? Driver also said you took pictures of locals without asking and insulted the family who cooked for you by picking at the food, taking pictures of it and them without speaking a word to them and didn't eat any of it. In addition to offering local food we cook everything from Philly cheesteaks to steamed dumplings, on the beach, for our clients who want western style food prepared before their eyes. But you didn't take a tour with us. As you mentioned, we were booked full. This is not a review of our services. It's a spite for not running a tour for you after we never received a deposit or heard back from you, even after I was willing to meet you halfway on your demands. I was a little taken aback to be honest. I did you a favor by hooking you up with a driver (with a good vehicle by U.S. standards, let alone Bolivian) willing to take you to the lake and Tiwanaku for as low as was possible. I got nothing out of it. No "Thanks", just a bad review for a business everyone in my family worked hard to build. You even based this whole review on a lie. You knew it wasn't our vehicle or our services, just a driver for hire we connected you with. From the first email I wanted no business with you. -Caleb Brewer Owner, Solace Trekking and Tours
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Zaki28 heeft een beoordeling geschreven mrt. 2019
57 bijdragen10 nuttige stemmen
Caleb kwam ons ophalen en was erg vermakend tijdens onze tour met geschiedenis, geologische feiten in vaak erg leuke anekdotes over plaatsen waar we doorheen reisden of zijn ervaringen in Bolivia. Het bezoek aan Tiwanaca en onze gids waren uitstekend en onze lokale gids zeer
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Datum van activiteit: februari 2019
Belangrijke details
  • Solace Trekking and Tours, Tiwanaku, en nog 1 andere
  • Duur: 10–12 uur
  • Mobiel ticket wordt geaccepteerd
  • Gratis annuleren tot 24 uur van tevoren
  • Ophalen bij hotel
  • Beschikbare talen: Engels, Spaans
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